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Longevity Kriya

The Fountain of Youth

Kundalini Yoga Madison Connecticut Jai Yoga

Working with a mantra day in and day out is one of the most moving and powerful things you can do for your life.  Ask any kundalini yogi who has absorbed into the realm of meditation and mantra; incredible holy shifts happen. 

Join the Jai Community in a 40 day journey with Longevity Kriya. This kriya will give you a new lead on life.  It rebuilds you at the molecular level. This kriya is said to be be the Fountain of Youth. Yes, you really can turn back time. 

We begin March 19th. 

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We will be hosting the meditation LIVE each day on Zoom.  We meet Monday-Fridays from 6-6:30am. On weekends we practice on our own. 

Not an earlier riser? No worries!

A Longevity Kriya video will be provided for you to follow along. You can do the meditation at a time that works for YOU. 

To keep with the latest and greatest information and support with Longevity Kriya, join the Jai Community Telegram group.  Everything you need to know will be answered there. 

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The Jai Community is a radiant, supportive, high vibe community.  Just the community alone brings you into a state of bliss!

Kundalini Yoga Madison Connecticut Jai Yoga