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About JaiJaiKundalini

Jai Jai Kundalini

Welcome to the victorious world of Jai.
Who Am I?

I’m Jennifer, the founding energy of Jai Yoga Studio.
I was given the name Jai Jai by my Teacher.

Jai simply means, Victory.
Jai Jai (doubled) means Victory in the Spirit realm and Victory in the Earthly realm.

How Did I get Here?

I was not always aware of or aligned with my mission.

I spent decades lost from myself, years searching.
Insane amounts of emotional turmoil.

Anxiety and depression were constant.

I never felt like I fit in.

I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

I was running from my shadow.

I couldn’t find real satisfaction in work or relationships.

I was dodging decades of trauma, believing I was fine.

But I wasn’t…

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It is my mission to live with courage and fearlessness, to trailblaze, to embody warrior goddess vibes, to live in the spirit of victory, and to support & inspire all who wish to align with their soul mission.

There comes a moment in our suffering where we have to surrender. 

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Surrendering doesn’t necessarily mean giving up, it means allowing

Allowing something greater to hold the things we can no longer hold. For me, that moment was not a one-time event, but I can say it started on a yoga mat.

Healing takes time.

It has taken years in meditative practice and living my yoga to understand my mission and what to do with it.

When the body, mind, and soul work together, a special momentum emerges.

Divine alignment appears.
Opportunities present.
Expansion happens.
Abundance reigns down.
Doubt fades, 

and magic is revealed.

That Magic is the Universe in motion moving through you and all things connected to your destiny.

What Is My Mission?

My mission has led me to happily helping women and men reconnect to their divine wisdom and mission, tap into their inner authority, and live on purpose, with passion.

I’m no nonsense. I’m straight forward. I’m bold.
I believe in your greatness. I see your light.
And I will show you where you are hiding from yourself.
I tell you like it is, with love.

I’m a truth seeker and a truth speaker.
Authenticity is my core vibe.

I’m great at what I do because I was born to do it. I love doing it. As a Sun and Rising in Cancer and Moon in Pisces, I’m guided, I’m highly intuitive, I’m feeling all the feels, I’m tapped in.

I often say, when I know, I KNOW!

I see the path beyond the illusionary physical world and into the vast subtle realm where the Source of our power resides.
I am Jai Jai.

Failure just isn’t a thing when Source guides all.

There are always answers, options, opportunities, possibilities, and 
Victory comes for all who walk with me.

Let’s walk into new paradigms and possibilities together.

I hope to meet you soon.
Jai Jai

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