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About Kundalini

Kundalini is life

Kundalini is the umbrella energy from which all things originate and evolve.

Known as the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini is a precise technology to awaken our dormant power and align us with our True Identity. It is a potent practice that helps the practitioner effectively and efficiently align with our soul essence and destiny.

A kundalini practice helps cut through the tension and lift the density that is darkening the light in ourselves and on our planet. We need to have a direct line to Source Energy so we have the wisdom and guidance to live in our Truth and the courage and clarity to speak our Truth.

They say the truth will set you free.

But first we need to know what Truth is
Kundalini Yoga delivers us to Truth.

Jai kundalini

8 Benefits Of Kundalini

Nerves of Steel

Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of nerve strength.

If we want to face our day to day challenges, we need to have strong nerves. When we create a huge container to hold all the stresses, demands, and deadlines, we can move through life with ease and grace. A regular practice helps us to act instead of react which is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and others.

Will Power & Discipline

Life is gonna test us. Temptations are around every corner.

If we indulge in every whim, we actually end up suffering. Why? Because the Soul loves discipline. The Soul has a mission to carry out. Through discipline, the Soul can accomplish the goals and desires it came here to experience. We need willpower to work through the challenges and obstacles we will face as we aspire to elevate in life.

Clarity & Success

In the age of technology and information, there is a lot of background noise that can overwhelm us.
Our success in life depends on our ability to focus and find clarity. Kundalini develops our neutral mind (also known as the meditative mind) which allows us to move through our life with grace and calm. A mind free of chaos also allows us to be more productive in reaching our goals.


In any given moment we are in a state of creating or destroying.
We are either generating something new (creating), organizing or managing that or another creation, or destroying something. And while destruction can be helpful if we are destroying destructive habits, too often we are sabotaging our creative process. Kundalini helps us to be more creative people. It gives us access to our creative process. Being creative doesn’t mean we have the genes of a master painter or potter; being creative means we approach our lives with the same wonderment and awe a painter would approach a blank canvas. We live life and experience all our interactions with a sense of magic. And ultimately, it is through our creativity, we attract new opportunities.

Energy & Vitality

We know we are given so much energy and a certain amount of breaths in this lifetime.

Our time here is finite. However, kundalini gives us access to the infinite prana (lifeforce) available in each breath. The breathing and movement in kundalini classes moves energy and awakens our internal systems so we live with vitality and age gracefully.

Self Improvement & Empowerment

A strong sense of Self is the greatest gift you can cultivate.

When you are deeply connected within, you can come through any challenge. The more you develop your relationship with your Higher Self, you find the Truth of who you are. You will feel more joy, love, light, and connectivity to all beings. An improved sense of Self helps you to attract the things you desire in this life and repel those things that do not serve you.

Deep Relaxation & Healing

Kundalini yoga is multi-dimensional fitness.
It works on strengthening you from the inside out. Each class works of balancing your glandular system and tuning up your nervous system. Furthermore, you open up energy circuits in your body so life can optimally flow. When the innate intelligence of the body is working, we can easily move into a space of deep relaxation and deep healing.

Fast & Effective

The beautiful thing about Kundalini is it doesn’t take weeks or months to feel the effects. It’s immediate!

Within a few moments the calming, healing, and uplifting effects can be felt. Kundalini yoga is the most effective and efficient way to heal and elevate your life.


Welcome to the world of Jai.

I’m Jennifer, the founding energy of Jai Yoga Studio. I was given the name Jai Jai by my Teacher.

Jai simply means Victory. Jai Jai (doubled) means Victory in the Spirit realm and Victory in the earthly realm.

It is my mission to live with courage and fearlessness, to trailblaze, to embody warrior goddess vibes, to live in the spirit of victory, and to support and inspire all who wish to align with their soul mission.

I was not always aware of or aligned with my mission.

I spent decades lost from myself. Years searching.
Insane amounts of emotional turmoil. Anxiety and depression were constant. I never felt like I fit in. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I was running from my shadow. I couldn’t find real satisfaction in work or relationships. I was dodging decades of trauma, believing I was fine. But I wasn’t. Experience Jai Energy…

Kundalini Teacher