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Jai Jai Kundalini

JAI Lunar Ceremonies

Moon rituals invite us to get quiet, free ourselves from distraction, and tune in to the subtle realms of Spirit and energy. The phases of the moon are intimately connected to our own cycles of ebb and flow. When we tune into the moon, we link to the natural forces that help us get clear and refine what we would like to call into our lives and bring to fruition.

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$33 per person

New Moon 2024

The new moon is the birthing cycle of the moon’s various phases. Gathering in sacred ceremony is a powerful way to plant seeds of intention during this auspicious time. The intentions set during a new moon are known to sprout and reach out to the stars as the moon continues its cycle.

Full Moon 2024

The full moon is the time to pause, check-in with self, and purge anything that doesn’t serve you. It’s a time to let go and make room for the new. It’s also a time to celebrate what has come forth from new moon intentions previously set. Whether it’s a time of release, celebration, or a bit of both, the full moon offers a potent time to create deep change at the subconscious level.


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