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Jai Yoga Studio was created in a meditative state. I was not looking to open a studio. In fact, the prospect of a studio seemed daunting. Nonetheless, it was during a meditative practice the vision of the studio appeared in my third eye. A few months later, I received an email from someone asking if I was interested in purchasing a yoga studio they had just renovated and decided they could not use.

This is how the Universe works.

My human self was still hesitant. Could I really do this?

I remember sitting in my car asking myself, Am I crazy? Should I be opening a kundalini yoga studio in a small town where kundalini was practically unknown? A voice came through that loudly assured me I was to do this. If not me, then who.

I thought, right,

I’m Jai. This is my mission. It’s happening.

Shortly after opening the studio, within months, the pandemic shut everything down. 

I was never worried. I felt deeply supportive. 

I knew the practice of kundalini was needed more than ever and regardless of restrictions, Jai Yoga Center expanded. 

It quickly became both a studio space and virtual space for healing.

Transformative Kundalini yoga classes

Stepping into Jai Yoga Studio or joining our online classes, you are able to step out from the hustle and bustle of life, take a breather, relax, and just be.

Is Jai Yoga For Me?

It is here you will discover your hidden talents and create the foundation to breathe your deepest desires into life.

At Jai, expect to make lifelong friends that support the twists and turns, ups and downs of your path and process. It’s true that “your vibe attracts your tribe”… we say,

“welcome home to our soul family, we’ve been waiting for you.”

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what can i expect?

Jai is where people come to heal, elevate their mood, release tension, boost immunity, strengthen nerves, resolve trauma, and gain a better understanding of themselves as multidimensional beings.

The community at Jai is a coming home, a welcoming, an embracing, and a remembering of who you truly are. It’s a place you are met with unconditional love. It’s where you will make meaningful soul connections. Jai upholds an environment that is free from judgment, free from discrimination, free from fear, and free from constraints of the outside world.


How I can Help you

There comes a moment in our suffering where we have to surrender. Surrendering doesn’t necessarily mean giving up. It means allowing. Allowing something greater to hold the things we can no longer hold. Creating space for our inner being to become the bold warrior that we hold inside and allowing this soul to elevate and shine.

To Discover your truth

Join me in class. 

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