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Soul Code Reading

Numerology is based on the mathematics of the universe

Kundalini Numerology uses universal mathematics and the wisdom of the Ten Bodies. It is a tantric divination tool to illuminate the path, gifts, challenges, and nature of your unique human soul.

A Tantric Numerology reading helps to align you with your unique creativity, authenticity, and highest potential so you can live a conscious life united with soul purpose. It gives you an accurate framework and foundation to course correct and/or evolve from your current life conditions. This system is complementary to therapeutic modalities as it reveals your unique path to living in accordance with your soul code, which is the premise for all healing.

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Our birth date is the number our soul was assigned that tells us who we are meant to be.
Our unique numbers hold a vibration.

The position of the cosmos is imprinted within us.

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Kundalini Numerology

What is a Soul Code Reading?

A soul code reading helps you understand the purpose of your SOUL and that your soul is not tied to a career or relationship. 

We need to understand the soul is much wiser than the personality self.

Your soul is here to have experiences, lessons, and be in various frequencies for the purpose of growth. Your soul is on a mission beyond your personal desires, beyond your ego desires, beyond what the mind can conceive. 

The information you gain from a soul code reading will bring you guidance again and again. 

It is a map to return to when you feel lost or uncertain of the direction to take along life’s journey. 

To know your soul is to live with purpose and passion. 

We know we are unique individuals.  When we honor our unique energy signature and follow our individualized path, a freedom, joy, and sweetness for life is experienced.  Often we have an inner knowing of what we should be doing, but having the certainty and clarity to do it is a whole other story.  A Soul Code Reading brings the clarity needed to move forward with confidence.

Kundalini Numerology

The purpose of a Soul Code Reading

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is connecting to our purpose for living.  

Our purpose is tied in with what is encoded in our soul at the moment of birth. 

Knowing your sense of purpose gives your life meaning. 

It makes you feel alive.  

It makes you feel good.

It gives you a feeling of certainty and well-being. 

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Finding our purpose is the very thing that makes life rewarding. 

When you are aligned with your purpose, energy is released and your mind moves towards action. 

Inspired action creates shifts and improvements in your life that lead to happiness and fulfillment.

Kundalini Numerology Crystals
Kundalini Numerology

A Soul Reading will help you to...

  • understand yourself at a deeper level
  • get to the root of habitual patterns so you can liberate from old stories 
  • see the karma you are playing out in this lifetime
  • understand the lessons your soul came to experience and move through
  • have guidance along the ups and downs of life’s journey
  • remember who you are during times of uncertainty
  • gain clarity on your innate gifts that are most likely so obvious you do not know they are here for you to excel yourself
  • align with your greatest potential and most fulfilling timeline
  • know what direction to take during challenging times  
  • identify the driving force of where you’ve come from and where you are going

A Soul Code reading will not:

  • give you “yes” or “no” answers to life dilemmas
  • tell you if you are in the right or wrong relationship, situation, career, etc…
  • predict the future
Soul Code Reading Board

When you are aligned with your purpose, energy is released and your mind moves towards action. 

Inspired action creates shifts and improvements in your life that lead to happiness and fulfillment.

Key Components of a Soul Reading

A Soul Code Reading is compromised of these Three elements:

The Nodes

Numerology Nodes

The Nodes are often referred to as the head and tail of the cosmic dragon. Many myths reveal that most heroes experience a transformational encounter with a dragon at some point in their journey.  The Nodes are the soul markers of where we are in the reincarnation and eternal journey of the soul.


Kundalini Numerology

Kundalini Numerology is the art and science of accessing the source code of the Universe.  Each person is born in a cosmic moment and our unique numbers are clues as to what we need to focus on during this lifetime

Kundalini Numerology helps to align us with our unique creativity, authenticity, and highest potential so we can live a conscious life united with soul purpose.

Human Design

Human Design

Human Design provides a concrete map to the nature of our being.

It could be considered the most comprehensive snapshot of who we are and how we return to honor our highly individualized unique design.

Human design affirms that each of us is meant to be different from everyone else.  There never has been and there never will be the version of you in this body ever again. Your power and peace come from understanding your design.

This is why a Soul Code Reading can not predict or tell you specifics, but it can be a lifelong guide for you to lean into again and again and again to make important decisions that bring you more fulfillment in your life. 

Jai Jai Kundalini

What to Expect

  1. Choose a time on Jai’s appointment calendar below.  Please remember to schedule at least one week out from the date of booking.


  2. Your reading is in a 1:1 session with Jai.  The session can be over zoom or in person.  You can choose your preference at check out.  The session runs between 60-75min.


  3. You will receive a PDF to help you organize the information Jai gives during your session. 
Kundalini Numerology Calendar

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Hi friend, I'm Jai Jai.


Let me tell you about my name, Jai Jai.  

It was given to me by my teacher based on my kundalini numerology.  

At first it was just a name to me.  I didn’t quite understand its power or meaning.

Jai means Victory.

Two Jai’s (Jai Jai) means double victory.  Victory here in the physical realm and victory in the spiritual realm. 

It’s warrior energy. 
If you know me, you understand. 

The truth

But I didn’t always know me.  I, like everyone, have been conditioned by stories and generational traumas and dramas. There had been numerous times that I felt more failure than victory in life. 

To be honest, there are still days when I want to give up.  And somehow, someway,  in those despairing moments I hear someone say Jai … and like a high vibe tidal wave of pure power, a resurgence of energy hits me and I remember.  

I remember who I am and the life I came here to create. 

Why Did I create Soul Code Readings


In my quest to know more, see more, be more, I’ve attuned myself to astrology and Human Design and have found both to be complementary tools to support the understanding of what this soul purpose thing is all about. 

When I apply my astrology nodes to my life, EVERYTHING begins to make sense.  Sometimes I forget why things feel so hard, and then I remember, the Nodes!! That is when things get super clear on where I’m hung up and where I need to move forward, as scary as that new territory may be.  

With the addition of Human Design, it helps me to understand another angle to the why and how I do certain things and behave in certain ways.  It reminds me I am a highly individualized being and to honor the specific way my body flows energy. 

There is immense empowerment in a Soul Code Reading. It is information that gives guidance and assurance. We are meant to marinate in the meaning of our soul code.  Slowly we soak up and move into the vibrations of who we have always been and came here to be. 

My Mission

As my spiritual name vibes, I am on a mission to light the way of victorious living to all who wish to align with their light.  I believe having an understanding of your soul purpose is the key in feeling unstoppable no matter what challenges life presents. 

We are meant to be challenged. It’s through challenge, we grow.

Knowing your soul code gives you the strength and grace and infinite vision to see all the ups and downs as contracted experiences for your soul.

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If you know me, you know I’m a seeker of Truth.  It’s at the core of all I teach, share, and do.  This is why I use a synergy of divination tools to help you understand YOU.  You are a multi-dimensional, multi-layered being, so it makes sense to gain an inner-standing of who you are and how you operate from a variety of perspectives.

Got questions? Check out the FAQs of Soul Code Readings:

Frequently Asked Questions

Readings are based on your birth date, time, and location.  The moment you took your first independent breath of life, an encoded lifeforce entered into your being. The imprint of the sky and the numbers in your birthdate give valuable information into understanding the subtle realms and subtitles of your life.

Yes and No.  While earthquakes and fireworks may not rock your world immediately during a reading, the knowledge and insights you receive will give you the clarity and confidence to make shifts that can create potent ripple effects into all areas of your life.  If you take the information to heart, undoubtedly a Soul Code Reading will shift and uplift your life circumstances. 


A Soul Code Reading always works.  It’s simply giving you the archetypal energy imprints that inform your Soul.  It’s ultimately up to you what you do with the information. 

The information given during a Soul Code Reading is so rich and useful that it’s hard to imagine not liking your reading.  The reading is all about you!  Due to the energy exchange of a Soul Code Reading, there is no refunds.

A Soul Code Reading is a guide.  It gives you the strengths and challenges, the ‘where you came from and where you are going’ type of guidance.  You can return to the information you garner during a reading for the rest of your lifetime and find it useful each time.  Most likely, as you evolve, you will gain a deeper understanding of your reading. A reading never expires, it just gets richer in meaning.