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Jai Yoga Center is proud to partner with Local Women’s Handicrafts (LWH), a Fair Trade textile and handicraft collective in Kathmandu that is focused on empowering and educating disadvantaged women using sustainable methods. These items are made by collecting left-over materials discarded from factories that are then woven on a traditional 100-year-old, hand-operated loom. By working with recycled fabrics they are helping to make the fashion industry more sustainable. They are a fair trade, eco-conscious collective of women who create unique fashion and decor in Nepal.
Their mission is to help empower and educate women, enabling them to write their own destiny by providing a safe space for women who have escaped forced labor practices. Their manufacturing facilities allow these women to learn new skills and crafts as a group to help heal and rehabilitate their spirits. Through raising awareness and making fashion in an ethical way, thier goal is to end childhood slavery, forced marriage, and other injustices against women.