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Sobaugh Kriya

a prosperity meditation 

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Working with a mantra day in and day out is one of the most moving and powerful things you can do for your life.  Ask any kundalini yogi who has absorbed into the realm of mantra; incredible holy shifts happen. 

Join the Jai Community in a 40 day journey with Sobaugh Kriya. This kriya will amplify the prosperity quotient in your life.  It will magnify your magnetism and draw the very people, resources, and situations you need to build 2024 into the greatest year yet lived by you. 

We will begin January 1st. 

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A Sobaugh Kriya video will be provided for you to follow along.  

For fun and motivation, Jai will be selecting special days to go LIVE and do the mediation with you. To keep with the latest and greatest information and support with Sobaugh Kriya, join the Jai Community Telegram group.  Everything you need to know will be answered there. Sign up below to get the link to the group.

The Jai Community is a radiant, supportive, high vibe community.  Just the community alone brings you into a state of prosperity.  Doing Sobaugh Kriya together is gonna bring us to the next level. Let’s GLOW!

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