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A different approach to mental & physical health.

Jai Yoga Center is the realm for practicing and healing with Kundalini Yoga. We are located in tranquil studio spaces in Madison and New Haven, CT and also online.
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Walk your path to victory with Jai

There comes a moment in our suffering where we have to surrender. Surrendering doesn’t necessarily mean giving up. It means allowing. Allowing something greater to hold the things we can no longer hold. Creating space for our inner being to become the bold warrior that we hold inside and allowing this soul to elevate and shine. 

Discover Your Purpose.    Activate Your Goddess Energy.    Elevate Daily with Our FREE 6AM Sadhana!

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Jai Yoga Experience

What is Yoga?

Yoga is not something we just do on our mats. Yoga is more about what we learn about ourselves while on our mats and the expanding consciousness we carry in our day to day lives. Yoga is not so much an exercise as it is a way of life.

When we address our issues at the energetic level, we can negate sickness and havoc in our physical bodies and/or physical environments.

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Yoga Practice

Why Is Kundalini So Powerfully Good For You?

It’s been said extreme times call for extreme measures. We don’t have to unconsciously suffer.

We need a practice that helps cut through the tension and lift the density that is darkening the light on our planet. We need to have a direct line to Source Energy so we have the wisdom and guidance to live in our Truth and the courage and clarity to speak our Truth.

Known as the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini is a precise technology to awaken our dormant power and align us with our True Identity. It is a potent practice that helps the practitioner effectively and efficiently align with our soul essence and destiny.


Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of the Aquarian Age.

All levels are Welcome. Yoga is for Everyone.

Class is 80% physical & 20% meditative.

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Jai Yoga Classes

The Jai Yoga Experience

Jennifer (Jai Jai) creates an experience that directly aligns your soul with healing and expansion. Her soul inspiring guidance, motivation and support creates a divine alchemy each session you come to the mat. When you need an infusion of inspiration, drop in to a class with Jai.


Class is 80% physical / 20% meditative.

For those who seek connection & answers with authenticity.

Kundalini Yoga is lifes Energy

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Kundalini Teacher Training

Transformative Tools For Healers, Therapists, And Yoga Teachers

There is an urgency now for life strategies to meet the test of the times.

What’s called for is a new paradigm that is inter active, multi-dimensional, and transformative. In the process of learning to heal and transform others, we transform ourselves.

Join with other therapists, healers, and teachers for this premier Soul Training, Teacher Training, and Life Training.

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For those who seek growth & opportunity

Becoming a Teacher enables you to share your practice with others.



Come on down to our studio and meet our yoga experts

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To Discover your truth

Join me in class. 

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Connecticut